2016 Summer Faculty Academy participants. (Carla Kucinski/GTCC)

2016 Summer Faculty Academy participants. (Carla Kucinski/GTCC)

By Connie Mayberry

Instructor of Communication

HIGH POINT — Guilford Technical Community College’s Center for Teaching and Learning launched its inaugural Summer Faculty Academy on June 6. For four days, 20 faculty members gathered at the High Point Campus to discover concepts of the flipped classroom, where the traditional lecture/homework-style of learning is replaced by students learning content electronically at home and then applying that knowledge to exercises, projects and discussion in class. Division Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences, Laura Yannuzzi, hosted the Academy, which consisted of feature presentations, networking, and hands-on training on a variety of topics including leveraging instructional technology, ADA compliance, library resources and advanced Moodle learning.

The Dean of Instructional Learning at Forsyth Technical Community College, James Cook, shared his philosophy that student success is based on engagement. He covered Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, which uses a nine-point goal format for instruction and learning.

Audrey Bryk explained how correct ADA compliance helps open up the world to ADA students.

“We can’t guarantee success, but we can guarantee access,” she said.

Some of Bryk’s training covered how to provide correct captioning for video, details about audio learning and how to describe tables and charts with appropriate text, to name a few. To help the audience understand what it’s like for an ADA student, she suggested turning off the monitor or muting video.

Reference librarian, Alisha Webb, detailed the specifics of GTCC’s various databases. She described them as “enormous warehouses with rows of stacked papers.” She reviewed expedient ways to finding sources, new tools to help faculty find plagiarism and a tour of GTCC’s library services.

In her “Moodle Magic: Foundations to Trusses” segment, GTCC’s new Instructional Technologist, Anita McCoy, explained how Moodle will be enhanced this summer and how she can assist with faculty training.

A few faculty members also shared their expertise. English Instructor, Deana St. Peter, discussed generating memes and discussed her PowerPoint used at a recent teaching conference; Political Science Associate Professor, Matthew DeSantis, explained the benefits of incorporating sites such as feedly.com and ed.ted.com in and out of the classroom; and Office Administration Instructor,  Mary Woelfel, shared streaming sources for online instruction.

Armed with new resources, Yannuzzi said academy participants will meet during this fall’s faculty development session and share how each has implemented concepts learned at the college’s first Faculty Academy.


— June 14, 2016