OCT. 24, 2016

JAMESTOWN, N.C. — Each year Guilford Technical Community College celebrates the outstanding work of its employees during the college’s Celebration of Excellence. On Oct. 11, the campus community came together to recognize the achievements of faculty and staff with the distribution of awards including Excellence in Teaching, President’s Award, Faculty Member of the Year and Staff Member of the Year.


Faculty Member of the Year

Richard DePolt, Department Chair, Accounting, Business and Global Logistics; Associate Professor, Economics

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Richard DePolt (right).

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Richard DePolt (right).

Richard DePolt has served GTCC students for the past seven years, providing excellent instruction, serve and leadership. His passion for his chosen field of economics goes beyond the classroom as he takes personal interest in helping our most vulnerable students. Professional, diligent, positive, engaging, and intelligent are the words used to describe him. The passion for his subject and the devotion to ensuring student achievement inside and outside of the classroom are evident to all who interact with him. His office door is always open for students as he coaches them through challenges, often times leaving them with valuable life lessons. As one student said, “He doesn’t just teach, but aids student growth in a variety of ways that can be applied to other classes and areas of life as tools for success.”

Staff Member of the Year

Sybil Newman, Coordinator, Titan Link

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Sybil Newman (right).

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Sybil Newman (right).

Sybil Newman enthusiastically embraces and accepts new challenges and works closely with her faculty to support students. You can often find her sharing words of encouragement or helping students to navigate through the Adult Education program and into curriculum and other continuing education training courses. She has played a pivotal role in the success of the Center for Working Families. Under her direction, many students who found themselves in critical life situations, that might otherwise have prevented them from completing their studies, were connected with community resources allowing them to continue in school. Sybil formed partnerships and made connections with more than 70 agencies and social service providers throughout Guilford County. Through her efforts, students who were homeless found stable housing, those with chronic illnesses received free or low-cost health care and families of students experiencing food instability were able to access the food pantry at the High Point campus. When the college decided in fall 2016 to expand the Center for Working Families to three campuses, serving all segments of the student population and GTCC employees, Sybil was the ideal candidate to carry forth the mission of the center under its new name: Titan Link.


Excellence in Teaching

Sandra Flynn, Instructor, Healthcare and Medical Office Administration

Sandra Flynn has focused on the learning and success of her students in preparation for their future lives and careers. The interactions with her students is a top priority, helping them to excel in the program. One of her students said: “She is positive and pleasant and I believe that the students can see that she truly wants each and every one to succeed!”

Students find the videos and other teaching materials she uses to be helpful in remembering word elements, pronunciations and definitions. According to a student: “As an online instructor, she goes above and beyond to make sure we have all the tools possible. She is fair, yet challenging, and really strives to help us learn the material. The assignments have made me reflect on my own life and make changes to better myself.”

Sandra responds to her students in a timely and consistent manner, making sure they never feel forgotten. One of her students said: “This instructor is a huge reason I will graduate from college this year. Whenever I felt like giving up, she was there with answers and guidance.”

James Schipman, Criminal Justice Instructor (Adjunct)

James Schipman designs his courses to promote student success. According to one of his online students, he communicates regularly, “encouraging us to do our best. He arranges the assignments in the online class so that we do not get overwhelmed with the information, enabling us to achieve our goals in the course and program.”

James provides a welcoming environment for learning at GTCC. One of his students said: “I am an adult learner and was scared to take the first step of achieving a life goal of obtaining a higher education, but through dedication and encouragement I am on my way to reaching my goals. I know that I am not alone in this journey at GTCC.”

Dr. Tina Ntuen, Associate Professor, Nursing

VP of Instruction Beth Pitonzo (left) and Tina Ntuen (right).

VP of Instruction Beth Pitonzo (left) and Tina Ntuen (right).

Dr. Tina Ntuen is a true advocate for her students who have a respect for her and her knowledge. She pushes, encourages and gives the students a reason to want to succeed and a reason to be successful. According to a colleague: “She challenges students to build their knowledge and critical thinking skills, but does not intimidate students.”

The flipped classroom in the capstone class allows students to present data regarding patient situations and the whole class has the opportunity to participate in defining the plan of care. During the “Grand Rounds,” she makes sure that students have an opportunity to showcase what they have learned in the clinical setting and gives the students feedback. One of her students said: “She truly cares for us as students and reaches parts of my brain I never knew I had. She has awakened in me the excitement of learning. She is tough, but out of love for her students. She is exactly what a teacher should be. She deserves not one, but many awards for teaching.”

Lynn Scott, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Lynn Scott (left) and VP of Instruction Beth Pitonzo (right).

Lynn Scott (left) and VP of Instruction Beth Pitonzo (right).

Lynn Scott is dedicated to the success of her students. She spends extra time helping students understand concepts from courses, advising students, nominating students for awards, and writing recommendation letters. She actively seeks new resources and ideas to incorporate into the classroom. According to a student: “She is a caring person, who has helped me a lot. In her class I have been able to go from average grades to an ‘A’ and actually understand the material being taught.”

Some of the teaching strategies used by this instructor include identifying the student’s program of study and then tailoring examples and practice problems to the student’s needs; providing outlines for students to have a structured space for note-taking; and providing visualization to reinforce concepts. According to another student: “She is awesome. She teaches the student the way every professor needs to teach. She understands every single thing that the students are struggling with daily. Her personality and professional teaching have helped me to be really successful in my first year at GTCC.”

Iva Booker, Sewing Instructor, Continuing Education

Iva Booker began teaching sewing at GTCC when it was known as Guilford Technical Institute (GTI) in the late ‘60s. She taught students a variety of sewing techniques from patterning to alterations to creating complete outfits. She was very committed and dedicated to her students. On many occasions, she would stay extra time to make sure her students understood the art of sewing. She very seldom missed opportunities to be in the classroom teaching. She truly loved and was passionate about teaching for more than 45 years.

Iva developed quite a following of students, and some of the comments from them have been that she was “very patient with each individual and was very helpful.” She was “very professional in her teaching style and when giving instructions, she really knew her stuff!” She “related to each student on their level of experience.” Her classes always filled almost as soon as they were announced.

Iva has demonstrated her leadership in the classroom by her enthusiasm and encouragement of each student to never give up on learning. She has been willing to do what it took for students to reach their individual goals. She has shown dedication to our students and to GTCC for many years and at the age of 94, has helped our students master the art of sewing.

World View Faculty of the Year

VP of Instruction Beth Pitonzo (left) and Mary Woelfel (right).

VP of Instruction Beth Pitonzo (left) and Mary Woelfel (right).

Mary Woelfel, Associate Professor, Healthcare and Office Administration

Mary Woelfel was this year’s participant in GTCC’s World View Program, which was created with the purpose of participants gaining new experiences and understanding in an effort to globalize GTCC’s programs. Preference is given to those who have little or no international travel.

This year, Mary had the opportunity to travel to Germany for 10 days and presented highlights from her trip at Faculty Convocation in the fall. Mary has been with the college since 2002 and teaches across the Healthcare and Office Administration curriculum.

President’s Award

Martha Bergman, Dean, Adult Education

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Martha Bergman (right).

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Martha Bergman (right).

Dean Bergman understands Adult Ed. She is a veteran and a professional who is called upon quite frequently to consult peers about the inner workings of an Adult Ed program.  She is a leader in the Adult Ed Association and seeks to provide her staff with appropriate professional development opportunities so that they can become stronger professionals.

Dean Bergman is always professional. She has a great sense of humor and exercises a great degree of compassion when dealing with others. She is comfortable speaking with young people needing the services and training of the Adult Ed Department as well as speaking to older students who may feel less certain about their status in academia.

She is dedicated to what she does. There has never been a time when a late night text or call hasn’t been promptly responded to. She cares deeply for the students and she views any and every inquiry as important. Martha is very deserving of the President’s Award based on her work ethic, character and dedication to GTCC and the students we serve.

Melissa Maley, Associate Professor, Religion and Coordinator of Global Scholars Program

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Melissa Maley (right).

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Melissa Maley (right).

There is no better “self-starter” on campus than Melissa Maley. She throws herself whole-heartedly into any endeavor. When she came to GTCC, she became involved with the committee that focused on globalizing GTCC, and she never slowed down. When she became GTCC’s first coordinator of the Global Scholars program, she immediately worked to tap into her own student population while encouraging others to do the same. She has worked to design and implement a well-received learning community, displaying creative approaches to assisting students in making the connections between their courses.

In every situation, Melissa demonstrates good character, and she works to instill a level of professionalism and courtesy in the students she teaches by encouraging thoughtful discussion that engages students in solid critical thinking skills. She is one of the most caring and committed teachers at this college, an amazing advisor, and she provides excellent customer service. She is truly a valued member of the GTCC family.

Sergeant Raymond Reese, Campus Police

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Sgt. Raymond Reese (right).

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Sgt. Raymond Reese (right).

As a GTCC Campus Police Sergeant, Raymond Reese demonstrates an unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity through his leadership and community service. He is an exceptionally dedicated, skilled and highly-respected professional. Sergeant Reese epitomizes the model of a servant leader, always placing the needs of community members and his officers ahead of his own. His officers all know that he leads by example, never asking others to do anything he would not do himself.

Sergeant Reese constantly seeks ways to improve the quality of service the department provides. A key way he accomplishes that is by encouraging his officers to complete specialized training and other professional development opportunities. He also diligently pursues specialized training himself to more effectively serve the GTCC community.

Sergeant Reese displays excellent judgment in his response to routine and challenging circumstances. He exudes a calm, quiet, yet assertive strength that develops trust and confidence in others. He is an outstanding example of everything a professional law enforcement officer should be. GTCC is fortunate to have him on board as part of our college community.

Mike Stout, Manager, Purchasing

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Mike Stout (right).

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Mike Stout (right).

Mike Stout meets every challenge without ever missing a beat and continues to hit home runs. Customers praise his service and supervisor feedback forms reflect that morale in his department is at an all-time high. According to his staff: “He leads by example. He is a very hard-working person and does whatever it takes to get the job done.”

Mike is regarded as a good listener. Even if he doesn’t always agree, he makes people feel their input matters. His staff credits his leadership abilities as the reason they feel like a team and enjoy coming to work.

Mike’s customers think very well of him, too. One commented that “Mr. Stout has been a strong advocate to help us get the business of the college accomplished. He has bent over backwards (more like a pretzel) to help us negotiate through the many rules and procedures required to make timely and appropriate purchases. His enthusiasm is infectious, and as a result, our team would do anything we can to help his team accomplish their goals.”

Dr. Alison J. Wiers, Associate Vice President, Student Support Services

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Alison Wiers (right).

GTCC President Randy Parker (left) and Alison Wiers (right).

Alison is a thoughtful, talented, energetic and passionate leader. She gives her all in everything she does. She is a loyal, hardworking and a die-hard advocate for GTCC.  Alison is innovative and thorough—a rare, but highly valuable combination. She is a generous donor to our GTCC Foundation and routinely volunteers to help with fundraising events. For Alison, it doesn’t matter if the work falls on a weekend or at night. She is there to provide whatever support is needed and volunteers for those tasks most people shun.

As GTCC’s Title IX coordinator, Alison took the lead in developing procedures and training to keep our students and employees safe and to ensure compliance with the law. Alison honed her knowledge of Title IX by attending conferences and developing a network of peers and legal experts to remain current on best practices.

Alison’s tireless service extends beyond GTCC to impact students across North Carolina. She served as president of the North Carolina Community College Student Development Administrators Association and is a Student Affairs expert/evaluator for SACS-COC. She is a very dedicated member of the GTCC college community.