OCTOBER 7, 2015


JAMESTOWN, NC — Guilford Technical Community College will be joining community colleges across the country in a National Moment of Silence in honor of the victims and survivors of the recent shooting at Umpqua Community College. As a show of solidarity and support for the UCC campus, GTCC faculty, staff and students will take a moment to pause and reflect at 2 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 8.

Student Life will host gatherings at four of our campuses: Jamestown, Greensboro, High Point and Aviation.

For those who cannot attend, the college administration asks that faculty, staff and students pause wherever they are to honor those whose lives were lost as well as the families, the UCC campus and the community that have been impacted by this tragedy.

The American Association of Community Colleges is organizing this event nationwide.

National Moment of Silence Gathering Locations:

Jamestown Campus:  The Fountain (outside the Applied Tech building)

High Point Campus:  H5, lobby, second floor

Greensboro Campus:  Campus Center, Rotunda

Aviation Campus:  AVIII, lobby

Aviation I, Aviation II and Cameron Campus Location:

We encourage students, faculty and staff to take a moment in class or a designated common area of your choice.