Learn more during info sessions June 6 and June 13


MAY 25, 2016

JAMESTOWN, N.C. — The U.S. Department of Education has selected GTCC as one of 44 postsecondary institutions in the United States to participate in an experiment that allows high school students taking college-credit courses to access Federal Pell Grants.

As part of this experiment, an estimated 10,000 high school students will have the opportunity to access approximately $20 million in Federal Pell Grants to take dual enrollment courses provided by colleges and high schools throughout the nation. Nearly 80 percent of the selected sites are community colleges. GTCC is the only educational institution in NC to be selected to participate.

Dual enrollment, in which students enroll in postsecondary coursework while also enrolled in high school, is a promising approach to improve academic outcomes for students, particularly those from low-income backgrounds.

A growing body of research suggests that participation in dual enrollment can lead to improved academic outcomes, especially for students from low-income backgrounds and first-generation college students. Research suggests that participation in dual enrollment can lead to better grades in high school, increased enrollment in college following high school, higher rates of persistence in college, greater credit accumulation, and increased rates of credential attainment.

“The Department of Education’s experiment will remove financial barriers and allow more high school students to have access to postsecondary education,” said Linda Whitlow, liaison for early middle college and concurrent enrollment programs at GTCC.

GTCC currently offers Career and College Promise, a tuition-free program (based on eligibility requirements) that allows high school students to earn college credit toward an associate degree in arts or science or a diploma in a technical career. However, students are responsible for the cost of books and fees, which can often be a hindrance for many students who wish to enroll, Whitlow said. The new Department of Education experiment will help supplement those costs. Whitlow expects to see an increase in Career and College Promise as a result.

GTCC will hold two information sessions for high school students and their parents who are interested in learning more about Career and College Promise as well as the new Pell grant experiment. The sessions will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, June 6 and 2 p.m. Monday, June 13 in the Percy H. Sears Applied Technologies building auditorium on the Jamestown Campus, 601 E. Main St., Jamestown. The sessions will include information on how to apply, eligibility and financial aid. The deadline to apply for financial aid is July 1. For additional information about GTCC’s Career and College Promise program, visit

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